Guided Family Rafting trips on Oregon and California rivers including: the McKenzie River, Umpqua River, Rogue River, Upper Klamath River, California Salmon River, Scott River, Lower Klamath River.

High Country Expeditions offers whitewater river rafting and adventure trips on these wild & scenic rivers: Oregon’s McKenzie River, North Umpqua River, Upper Klamath River, Rogue River and others. Also in California on the Cal-Salmon River, Scott River, Klamath River and many other amazing Whitewater rafting rivers throughout Oregon, California and beyond.

OREGON WHITEWATER RIVER RAFTING, McKenzie River rafting, Upper Klamath whitewater Rafting, Rogue river rafting, California Salmon Whitewater Rafting

- River sections of class I-III+ rapids

Enjoy the splendor & excitement of a McKenzie River rafting trip!

McKenzie River Rafting Overview

The McKenzie River, our home and backyard river, is one of the treasures of the Pacific Northwest. This Oregon gem is a classic alpine river high in the Cascade Range, with its headwaters located at Clear Lake. Cascading through a canyon blanketed in Douglas fir and old growth forest, this river is a crystal clear jewel with an abundance of dancing rapids. Its rich history and spectacular scenery make it one of the finest all-around rivers in Oregon. From picturesque waterfalls to stunning views of snow-capped mountains, this river is a fly-fishing and whitewater river rafting enthusiast’s paradise.

High Country Expeditions offers rafting trip excursions on the majority of the McKenzie River. McKenzie river rafting trips are offered within 50 minutes from Eugene & Sisters/Bend Oregon
To better suit our clients needs we have broken the river down into two main rafting sections: the upper portion, which begins at Olallie campground and ends at Blue River boat ramp, and the lower potion, which begins at Blue River boat ramp and ends at Thompson Lane.

Our McKenzie River Rafting trips begin at the 2 highest possible access points. These are the only launches located in the protected and designated "wild & scenic" raft-able section of the McKenzie River. This area located below Olallie and Frissell boat launch are by far the most pristine, beautiful and exciting portions of the river. When booking your rafting trips, ask if you will be experiencing the sections above Paradise campground.

During the summer months we offer 3 primary McKenzie river trips assuring a perfect river based adventure. Our 1/2 day 14 mile rafting trips are offered twice a day.  Once at 9:15am and again at 1:15pm.  Our full day 22 mile rafting adventures which offer an extraordinary river side lunch served by your guides.  This trip meets at 9:15am, return times vary since it's your day on the river but tend to return between 3:45pm and 4:30pm.

Spring river trips, generally before memorial day and Fall adventures after labor day we condense our 1/2 day trips to a mid-day adventure meeting at 11:15am, full day trips still meet at 9:20am this time of year.

We guarantee that our McKenzie river rafting adventures are the finest and most complete from an outfitting and enjoyment perspective, as well as one of the lowest priced. The reason High Country can offer such great deals on our McKenzie River Whitewater rafting and scenic river trips, is that we are based here, and this is our "back yard". With this advantage we are able to greatly cut our travel expenses and pass that saving directly on to you, our guest.

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The North Umpqua is Oregon's Gem of Whitewater rafting!

Umpqua River Rafting Overview

The Umpqua River is a classic Oregon white water rafting trip. Long regarded as a premier steelhead fishing and superlative rafting region, the North Umpqua area is filled with outdoor recreation opportunities. Flowing from it's headwaters near Crater Lake, the Umpqua River stairsteps its way west through a canyon blanketed in Douglas fir and peppered with jagged spires. The Umpqua River eventually drains in the Pacific Ocean some 250 miles from its origin.

Along the way, the Umpqua River serves up some of the best whitewater rafting, scenery and fishing found anywhere in the world. In fact, the Umpqua River is considered such a valuable asset to the wilderness that it was added to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System in 1988. Whether its the scenery, pool and drop rapids, Cascade Mountain solitude or world class fishing that brings you to the Umpqua River, we are confident that a rafting adventure trip will leave you marveling at this incredible river.

The North Umpqua rafting trip is one of Oregon's most exciting and memorable river trips. A full day rafting adventure on the Umpqua river is filled with an abundance of class 2 and 3 rapids as well as the famous class 4 Pinball. This trip is exciting but not overwhelming, making it an ideal family adventure for all!

- Location: Oregon River Rafting Near Crater Lake

The Umpqua River is located in the Southern Cascades between Crater Lake and the town of Roseburg, Oregon. The Umpqua River is accessible from I-5 by traveling east on Hwy 138.

Season: April through Late August

The volcanic under footing of the nearby mountains allows for summer-long flows on the Umpqua River. When Crater Lake was created 7000 years ago, vast deposits of pumice and ash were laid down in the upper reaches of the watershed. When it rains and snows... water filters through the porous rock replenishing springs below whose steady flow feeds into the Umpqua and helps maintain its levels through the summer and fall. Mineral deposits in the groundwater are what creates the surreal aquamarine color of the water. This same volcanic foundation and processes in the Umpqua River also helped create nearby Tokatee Falls, one of Oregon's most dramatic waterfalls.

- River Difficulty: Class III - IV

The Umpqua River is rated Class III+/IV and is perfect for both adventurous first-timers and experienced rafters seeking a fulfilling Oregon whitewater river rafting trip . The upper Umpqua River has fun and relatively continuous class III and III+ rapids and one class IV, Pinball, which we run near the end of the day. The minimum age required for an Umpqua River rafting trip is eight.

- Gourmet Meals:

All Full-Day Umpqua River rafting trips include a filling, gourmet deli-style lunch and celebration snacks and beverages at the end of the trip. Two-Day & Three-Day trips include great lunches, happy-hour hors d'oeuvres and beverages, gourmet, multi-course dinner(s), and steaming hot breakfast(s).

Why Choose High Country Expeditions For Your Umpqua River Rafting Trip?

- Your Choice:

It's Your Trip, Not Ours. We have been running Umpqua River rafting trips for years and believe that the best trip is the trip you desire. We provide a foundation of safety and seamless logistics, and have a wealth of knowledge about the Umpqua River. From there we create the trip you want, adjusting our style to your wants and needs rather than asking you to fit into our agenda.

Appropriate Size Rafts and Number of Guests Per Raft. This is an important aspect to any rafting trip. High Country Expeditions does not use rafts that are too big, which can reduce the amount of fun on the river. Our fleet of 12-foot to 14-foot long rafts allows us to adjust the raft size to the water level in order to make sure we are maximizing your fun and safety. We also offer both paddle and oar powered rafts upon request.

Various Trip Lengths. We offer incredibly fun Full-Day, 2- and 3-Day trips. The Full-Day trip is peppered with great rapids. The 2- and 3-day trips also feature exhilarating whitewater and allow you the opportunity to spend more time enjoying and exploring the Umpqua River canyon. On our multi-day trips we camp in a quiet riverside Forest Service campground that has car access. As a result you can bring as much gear as you would like since you will have access to your car at night. On our 3-Day trips, we run the best section of whitewater twice.

- Your Safety:

At Least Two Boats and Two Guides Per Trip. On all of our Oregon white water rafting trips we always have at least two licensed guides on the water. We believe that the safest possible trip starts with appropriate staffing and that just one guide on the water is not as effective as two or more. Therefore, we always have at least two boats and two guides on each trip.

Full Safety Orientation and Gear. Before each Oregon white water rafting trip we provide a thorough safety and instructional presentation. As part of our full safety gear ensemble, guests are provided with specially designed rafting helmets, and when needed, wetsuits and paddle jackets. We also have four different sizes of lifejackets, from children's to extra extra large.

Experienced Crew. Each and every year High Country Expeditions is among the leaders in terms of the number of guests rafting the Umpqua River. We run trips virtually every day in the summer. In the summer our primary Umpqua River guides virtually live in the Umpqua River valley, resulting in a crew that knows well the characteristics of the Umpqua River, providing you with a great trip.

- Your Convenience:

Trips Virtually Every Day of the Week in the Summer. Since we are based near the river we have the ability to run trips virtually every day of the week from April through late August. This allows you to run the Umpqua River at a time that is convenient for you.

Shuttle Options from Diamond Lake and Roseburg. We are happy to provide transportation for groups from nearby resorts and communities. There is a small fee for this service. Please contact our office for details.

- Your Satisfaction:

We are confident you will find your experience with High Country Expeditions to be exceptionally rewarding!

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Class II & III

Lower Klamath River Rafting.

Come explore & raft the splendors of Northern California & home of Bigfoot with us.

Known for its breathtaking beauty, diverse wildlife, and abundance of recreational activities, the Klamath River was among the first rivers in California to receive National “Wild and Scenic River” designation. Popular for its opportunities for rafting and fishing, this hidden gem in Northern California boasts the second longest river system in the state. Meandering through the rugged terrain of the Klamath-Siskiyou eco-region also known as the Klamath knot, the river offers thrilling whitewater, stunning mountain views, and a chance to explore one of the best hiking spots in California. With its warm waters, abundant wildlife, and remote location, the Lower Klamath is a favorite for families and groups seeking a unique outdoor adventure.

As the Lower Klamath flows westward, the surroundings become more lush and picturesque, with side streams and rivers adding to its beauty. Our journey takes us through the most scenic and secluded stretches of the river, including a visit to the enchanting Ukonom Falls, perfect for a refreshing swim or a relaxing sunbath on the rocks. Our deluxe camping setup and gourmet meals ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. Evenings are spent under the starry sky, away from the distractions of city lights, with the majestic Klamath Mountains as our backdrop.

Our 2 and 3-day Lower Klamath trips are designed with families in mind, but we can easily customize the itinerary and activities to suit a variety of groups. History buffs will appreciate the rich heritage of the region, with remnants of old mining sites dotting the riverbanks. Kids can try their hand at gold panning, while adults can unwind and soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Our goal is to create a memorable and educational experience for all, fostering a love for the outdoors and a sense of adventure in every member of the group.

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- Class III - IV / IV-V

Thrilling Whitewater Rafting Trips on California's Salmon River!

The Northwest's Premier Class V Whitewater River

The California Salmon River is one of the Northwest’s premier class 4 / 5 spring river rafting runs. This challenging and beautiful river offers class V whitewater rafting, plunging through a narrow steep-walled gorge of glistening marble and granite. The California Salmon flows out of the Marble Mountain and Salmon-Trinity Wilderness Areas down into the Klamath National Forest, offering amazing whitewater rafting adventures.

The Ultimate Whitewater Trips on the Salmon River!

High Country Expeditions offers one, two, and three day trips on this river. Generally, the first day of multi-day trips is on the lower run flowing through a magnificent gorge with waterfalls gracing the marbled granite cliffs. This run starts with class III and IV rapids preparing us for the highlight, class IV+ Gaping Maw. This lower section is filled with plenty of exciting whitewater, but is only just a prelude of what’s to come on the infamous Nordheimer Gorge upriver.

The upper run through the Nordheimer Gorge (the second day of multi-day trips) is a continuum of raftable waterfalls with long turbulent rapids, somersaulting waves, enormous sucking holes, and plenty of boulders to maneuver around. The run begins immediately with class IV+ rapids such as Bloomer’s Falls, Lewis Creek Falls, and Airplane Turn. Along the way you’ll also be challenged with the rapids Achilles Heel and Whirling Dervish. The thrills continue with the class IV+ Cascade Falls, Last Chance, and the grand finale of class V Freight Train.

High Country Expeditions does recommend previous paddling experience. Although this river may seem extremely challenging, it is very family friendly. With the various choices of river sections to raft, the California Salmon River does have something for everyone! We do have a 14 yr age requirement on the California Salmon, but you are offered a choice when it comes to which section to raft, from a class 2-3 section, to a class 3-4 section or the class 5 section. The class 5 section over the years has been downgraded by our guides due to the number of trips they have guided there. Your guides may also decide on which river section to raft depending on a variety of factors such as; the water levels, weather, client group make up and such. As always safety and your enjoyment are our number one concern on every excursion! Our trips are conducted on paddle rafts, as well as stern assist paddle raft configurations.

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- Class I - IV

General overview

Often dubbed the “Grand Canyon of Oregon,” the Owyhee River presents a captivating scenery with towering cliffs and a 3,000-foot relief. Encompassing a vast two million acres, the Owyhee Canyonlands offer an extensive and pristine wilderness for exploration. The river rafting expedition unveils remarkable views of red-rock spires in Honeycombs, Chalk Basin, and Leslie Gulch, complemented by historic petroglyphs providing insights into the area’s cultural history.

The arid landscape, devoid of inhabitants and vegetation, adds to the mystique. The steep cliffs and narrow canyon create a captivating experience for those exploring the region.

Hot Springs

There are several hot springs along the river to soak in during the trip including Echo Rock Hot Springs, Snively Rock Hot Springs, Greely Hot Springs and Three Forks Hot Springs. Many of them are primitive with mud bottoms and varying in size. A few are located right on the banks of the river while most we will need to hike a bit to get to – we try to explore as many hot springs as possible during the trip depending on timing, weather, and river conditions.

All or part of this operation is conducted on public lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


Known as the “Grand Canyon of Oregon” with breathtaking towering cliffs and 3,00o ft relief

Option to stop and soak in multiple hot springs along the river

Experience the Owyhee Canyonlands which stretch across more than two million acres

Raft the Wild & Scenic River section

Very remote, wild and untouched

View red-rock spires Honeycombs, Chalk Basin, and Leslie Gulch

Historic petroglyphs

Noted as one of the least tainted by light pollution in the lower 48, this region is a hallmark for stargazing.

Explore the Birch Creek Historic Ranch post-trip at our takeout point.

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