2023 Whitewater guide & boating schools

Date: 02/21/2023

2023 River guide training; HCE has partnered with Noahs' River Adventures to teach 3 amazing guide schools. Whether looking to become a river guide, train your staff in river rescue and navigation or advance your skill set or just wanting to learn to navigate a river..

The guide courses are designed for beginners and veteran boaters alike. Future river guides, SAR members wanting to learn to navigate and read water or just private boaters wanting to take their skill set to the next level.

The ratio is a 3-1 student to instructor, between the two lead instructors from High Country and Noahs rafting they offer over 40 years of combined river guiding and teaching courses.  The other instructors all have well over 10-15 years in the industry. 

For more information and registration details, please go to the guide school page of our site, located under 'Schools & Programs"