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Guided Family Rafting trips on Oregon and California rivers including; the McKenzie River, Umpqua River, Rogue River, Upper Klamath River, California Salmon River, Scott River, Lower Klamath River.

High Country Expeditions offers whitewater river rafting and adventure trips on these wild & scenic rivers: Oregon’s McKenzie River, North Umpqua River, Upper Klamath River, Rogue River and others. Also in California on the Cal-Salmon River, Scott River, Klamath River and many other amazing Whitewater rafting rivers throughout Oregon, California and beyond.

OREGON WHITEWATER RIVER RAFTING, McKenzie River rafting, Upper Klamath whitewater Rafting, Rogue river rafting, California Salmon Whitewater Rafting

- River sections of class I-III+ rapids

Enjoy the splendor & excitement of a McKenzie River rafting trip!

McKenzie River Rafting Overview

The McKenzie River is one of the treasures of the Pacific Northwest. This Oregon gem is a classic alpine river high in the Cascade Range, with its headwaters located at Clear Lake. Cascading through a canyon blanketed in Douglas fir and old growth forest, this river is a crystal clear jewel with an abundance of dancing rapids. Its rich history and spectacular scenery make it one of the finest all-around rivers in Oregon. From picturesque waterfalls to stunning views of snow-capped mountains, this river is a fly-fishing and whitewater river rafting enthusiast’s paradise.

High Country Expeditions offers rafting trip excursions on the majority of the McKenzie River. McKenzie river rafting trips are offered within 50 minutes from Eugene & Bend Oregon
To better suit our clients needs we have broken the river down into two main rafting sections: the upper portion, which begins at Olallie campground and ends at Blue River boat ramp, and the lower potion, which begins at Blue River boat ramp and ends at Thompson Lane.

Our McKenzie River Rafting trips begin at the 2 highest possible access points. These are the only launches located in the protected and designated "wild & scenic" raft-able section of the McKenzie River. This area located below Olallie and Frissell boat launch are by far the most pristine, beautiful and exciting portions of the river. When booking your rafting trips, ask if you will be experiencing the sections above Paradise campground.

During the summer months we offer 3 primary McKenzie river trips assuring a perfect river based adventure. Our 1/2 day 14 mile rafting trips are offered twice a day.  Once at 9:45am and again at 1:30pm.  Our full day 22 mile rafting adventures which offer an extraordinary river side lunch served by your guides.  This trip meets at 9:30am, return times vary since it's your day on the river but tend to return between 3:45pm and 4:30pm.

Spring river trips, generally before memorial day and Fall adventures after labor day we condense our 1/2 day trips to a mid-day adventure meeting at 11:30am, full day trips still meet at 9:30am this time of year.

We guarantee that our McKenzie river rafting adventures are the finest and most complete from an outfitting and enjoyment perspective, as well as one of the lowest priced. The reason High Country can offer such great deals on our McKenzie River Whitewater rafting and scenic river trips, is that we are based here, and this is our "back yard". With this advantage we are able to greatly cut our travel expenses and pass that saving directly on to you, our guest.

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The North Umpqua is Oregon's Gem of Whitewater rafting!

Umpqua River Rafting Overview

The Umpqua River is a classic Oregon white water rafting trip. Long regarded as a premier steelhead fishing and superlative rafting region, the North Umpqua area is filled with outdoor recreation opportunities. Flowing from it's headwaters near Crater Lake, the Umpqua River stairsteps its way west through a canyon blanketed in Douglas fir and peppered with jagged spires. The Umpqua River eventually drains in the Pacific Ocean some 250 miles from its origin.

Along the way, the Umpqua River serves up some of the best whitewater rafting, scenery and fishing found anywhere in the world. In fact, the Umpqua River is considered such a valuable asset to the wilderness that it was added to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System in 1988. Whether its the scenery, pool and drop rapids, Cascade Mountain solitude or world class fishing that brings you to the Umpqua River, we are confident that a rafting adventure trip will leave you marveling at this incredible river.

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- Class IV - IV+

Oregon's Best Whitewater Rafting Trips on the Klamath River!

The Wild and Scenic "Hell's Corner" of the Upper Klamath Rafting trip offers non-stop, fun and exciting Oregon's best whitewater rafting, for most of the year. This upper most, 20 mile portion of the Klamath River is Oregon's only consistent, and without a doubt the best Class 4+ whitewater rafting experience throughout the summer. The section is located between 2 power generating dams, providing consistent water releases throughout the year. This means great Oregon whitewater rafting on the Upper Klamath River. Located in the southern most region of Oregon and nestled between Klamath Falls & Ashland, the UK (as it is known) is close but very remote. Being one of the newest members to federally designated "wild & scenic" rivers in North America makes this adventure one to be experienced.

Upper Klamath River Rafting Trip Highlights

  • 40 plus exciting rapids
  • Warm water! (Very rare in the NW)
  • Spectacular scenery & wildlife
  • Family friendly whitewater adventure (12 years and older)
  • All inclusive trips: wet-suits, booties, lunch, shuttle...
  • Experienced guides & top-of-the-line gear!
  • Close to Ashland, Klamath Falls, Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake
  • Emphasis on Safety & Fun

Upper Klamath River History
For many years before the first settlers, the Klamath River was home to the Karok, Modoc, and Yurok Indian tribes. The Klamath was the life blood of the Native Americans who relied on it for its abundance of salmon and trout. The name "Klamath" was derived from an Indian word "Tlamatl" which means "swiftness" in Chinook.

The Gold Rush of 1850-51 brought many miners and left a rich history. The miners caused a terrible disruption in the lives of the Native Americans of the area by damming and diverting water for mining purposes, which made it difficult for spawning salmon and other fish populations. There are remnants of old mining sites, old hotels, brothels and hot spring resorts along the lower portion of the Upper Klamath river.

Only a few years ago the Upper Klamath was known only to a private river runner from Oregon, Jack Leroy. Dean Monroe, head of Wilderness Adventures of Redding, floated the river in 1979 and passed the word that the "Hell's Corner Run" was comparable to the Tuolumne (Monroe invented the name Hell's Corner, wrote a song about the river,and christened most of the rapids as well).
Excerpted from California White Water by Jim Cassady and Fryar Calhoun

In the early 1980s, the town of Klamath Falls proposed to build the Salt Caves Dam. This dam would wipe out the Hell's Corner section of the river. Years of heated debates began. In 1986, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was directed to study the Klamath River for possible induction into "The National Wild and Scenic River System." Finally in 1994, the 11 miles of canyon from the J.C. Boyle Powerhouse to the Oregon-California state line were designated a federal Wild and Scenic River. This designation provides federal and state protection to the outstanding values of the river and its canyon.

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- Class III - IV / IV-V

Thrilling Whitewater Rafting Trips on California's Salmon River!

The Northwest's Premier Class V Whitewater River

The California Salmon River is one of the Northwest’s premier class 4 / 5 spring river rafting runs. This challenging and beautiful river offers class V whitewater rafting, plunging through a narrow steep-walled gorge of glistening marble and granite. The California Salmon flows out of the Marble Mountain and Salmon-Trinity Wilderness Areas down into the Klamath National Forest, offering amazing whitewater rafting adventures.

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- Class IV-V

Great Rafting Adventures on the Scott River!

The Scott River, like the Cal-Salmon is one of the premiere and most thrilling California class V springtime whitewater rafting rivers. A sister to the California Salmon River located about 45 minutes from each other, they share many of the same attributes. It is an incredible and seldom run river with technical and continuous class IV and V rapids.

The Scott River is a non-stop high adventure trip set in a very remote lush forest canyon with an abundance of wildlife. The river is fast and furious offering exciting and thrilling rapids like Boulder Creek Falls, White House, Tompkins Creek Falls, and Schuler Gulch and is recommended only for those who have prior Class 3+ to Class 4 paddling experience.

Northern California’s Scott river is a perfect day trip from Ashland & Mt. Shasta for experienced paddlers looking for a classic Class V whitewater adventure. We highly recommend adding the Scott River trip with our 2, 3 or 4 day California Salmon River trips, and making it a Grand Slam adventure of class 4 – 5 whitewater rafting at its purest.

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- Class I-II / III-IV rapids

Exciting Whitewater Rafting on the Rogue River near Ashland, OR!

The world renowned Rogue River is a national treasure offering pristine scenery, exciting rapids, warm clear water, excellent fishing and abundant wildlife. The half and full day sections of the Rogue River, also known as the “upper middle” portion, is located in southern Oregon, a short distance from Ashland, Medford and Grants Pass. Situated along the Pacific Flyway, the area offers a wonderful variety of birds and waterfowl, beautiful scenery, and a rich history. There are two sections to choose from: a very relaxing scenic float, or a fantastic whitewater stretch for anyone wanting to get introduced to whitewater rafting.

A perfect day trip for the whole family!

Introduction to Whitewater Rafting on the Rogue River

High Country Expeditions offers a fun and exciting guided run on this portion of the Rogue also known as “the Nugget Run”. It is the ideal adventure for families and individuals wanting to experience the wonderful world of whitewater rafting.
This segment of the Rogue River offers the most enjoyable whitewater excitement of the entire Rogue River, including the 3-4 day “wild & scenic” canyon.

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