Click on any category of photos to see some great shots of our adventures. Rafting and outdoor adventure trips on Oregon and California rivers including; the McKenzie River, Upper Klamath River, Cal-Salmon River, Rogue River and other NW rivers.

Guide Schools Guide Schools
High Country Expeditions river guide schools and river training courses offer comprehensive guide training and exciting adventures. Whether wanting to learn to be a commercial River guide or just looking for an incredible and fun filled guide training experience to enhance your river skills.

McKenzie River McKenzie River

Oregon's McKenzie River offers the perfect family rafting experience. Continuous fun filled class 2-3 whitewater rapids, spectacular views and crystal clear water makes this one of Oregon's favorite rafting river trips.

California Salmon California Salmon
The California-Salmon (Cal-Salmon) offers some of the best, most pristine & exciting whitewater rafting in the Northwest. 1 to multi-day rafting trips on a class V river!