About High Country Expeditions

Our Mission

To offer the best possible outdoor experience and responsibly share the beauty of the Northwest. To educate about this extremely fragile ecosystem. Through the motions of whitewater rafting, mountain biking, scenic tours and educational programs, we can do our part in sustaining this pristine environment for future generations to enjoy and love as we do.

Why Choose High Country Expeditions?

We have low, all-inclusive prices, use only the best gear and boats, have knowledgeable and professional guides, serve delicious meals, are locally owned and operated, customize and have FUN!!!

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Our number one concern is your safety! All HCE river guides hold a certificate as Whitewater Rescue or Swift-water Technicians, are certified in CPR, Advanced First Aid and trained in a variety of river rescue techniques. This is an exceptional standard of training, met by 1%-5% of outfitters. No matter what type of adventure you may be involved with at HCE, we will provide you with the finest equipment available. Our boats are high-end self-bailers made locally, right here in the Northwest. Every boat is fully equipped with rescue gear and First Aid kits. All of our trips will begin with a complete safety orientation.

When choosing a river company for your next adventure ask about the training their guides receive (all of the guides, not just the "lead guides")!

Our Team

High Country Expeditions and its guides operate and consider themselves a - family - team.

HCE owners work closely with the guide crew through the entire year, continually growing and learning from each other. We believe that this close-knit relationship results in the finest all around outdoor guides in the business. All of our guides have excellent river skills as well as friendly, fun, outgoing personalities. At HCE we are always open to your ideas, suggestions and opinions on how we can serve you (our guest) better.

Thank you,

We hope to see you on the river soon!

Our Gear

At HCE we pride ourselves in only using and making available to you, our guests, the finest gear, boats and safety equipment in the outfitting industry. Combining this with our exceptionally trained and very personable guides makes for the absolute best and safest outdoor experience available anywhere!

If you ever disagree, we will offer you the river trip for free.

Guides & Gratuities

Guides are like your personal waiters, they know their tasks and are highly skilled people. What makes them really special is that they are sharing what they truly love, and working very hard to make your day's adventure the best it can possibly be.

Folks often mention how guiding must be the ultimate job – outdoors, on the river… and it is! But it entails a lot of hard work, a lot of training, personal sacrifice (training & time), dedication, and days begin long before the trip begins, and end long after the trip is over. In other words, river guides definitely don’t do it for the money, but for the love of what they do, and a chance to share these amazing places and experiences with others.

Guides are paid a set rate by type of trip they are leading, equal to a basic hourly daily wage.

High Country guides devote themselves wholeheartedly to making each and every trip the finest possible. If you notice that your guides are going above and beyond the call-of-duty in making your day special, or they just add that little extra something, please feel free (but never obligated) to extend a gratuity for a job well done.

Laugh, Love and Live Longer

When Jessica and I first started High Country Expeditions, we lived in a beautiful cabin along the McKenzie river. We were working for other outfitters at the time, and would come home and talk about what it might take to run a top notch outfitting business.

One of the beams in our cabin had the words "Laugh, Love and Live Longer" carved into it, and as we talked, the words reminded us to keep what is most important in life in mind for our business. Those words, "Laugh, Love and Live Longer", are now carved into our psyche, and became one of the cornerstones of High Country Expeditions. Thank you to the person who gave us those great words to live by.
Join us for a whitewater rafting adventure. High Country Expeditions offers rafting trips on some of the most beautiful rivers in Oregon and Northern California.